Handmade Men’s / Women's Blue Shark & Bison Leather Lace To Toe Boot

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Vamp & Counter: Blue shark leather (Prionace Glauca).
Quarter: Bison leather North America.
Tongue: Ostrich leather South Africa.
Lining: Calfskin France
Construction: ZZREE hand sewing welt / ZZREE Norwegian hand sewing welt.
Filler: Cork tap British.
Insole: Cowhide Italy.
Midsole: Leather Consorzio Vera Pelle Italy Tuscany.
Outsole: Vibram 2724 front & Vibram 700 back.
Lacing: Lace to toe.


Blue Shark Leather

Blue shark leather is an amazingly durable skin with a unique fine grain texture filled with natural ripples. A finished shark hide is measured and priced by the square foot. Our blue shark skins have extra oils to produce a much softer, almost fabric-like or garment-grade leather. Blue shark is a relatively thicker exotic leather when compared to alligator skins or stingray skins but its resilience means even with usual wear-and-tear, its look can last for decades.


Bison Leather North America

Exceptional Strength. Bison leather has remarkable durability and strength. Forty percent stronger than cowhide, bison leather lasts for decades. Bison themselves are pretty tough too. They’re known to fend off wolves. They cause more injuries to campers in Yellowstone than bears. You don’t want to mess with a bison. It only makes sense that their natural strength comes through in their leather. (If you bring a bison to a wolf fight, you win.)
Bison Leather Looks Awesome
No two bison hides are alike. Because of the minimal tanning process, the natural variations of the leather show through. If you want something that shows its roots – that you know came from nature – we’d recommend a bison wallet.


Chose Leather & Quality Test

Before everthing else, we measure the thickness of leather, will return leather back to leather company if it doesn't meet standard. Second, we survey every details, and delete belly, plicated and broken parts.



Ostrich leather South Africa, super soft, comfortable and tough, the tensile strength of our top grade Ostrich leather is quintupling than cowhide, super durable and soft.



France Calfskin is a leather or membrane produced from the hide of a calf, or juvenile domestic cattle. Calfskin is particularly valuable because of its softness and fine grain, it very soft comfortable feeling as a boots lining.



ZZREE Norwegian Hand Sewing Welt: it is super tough, water resistant and snow resistant than Goodyear Welt and Stitch Down. ZZREE Norwegian Welt is 100% hand sewing, can not be made by machine, never wear out. Outsole resole forever. ZZREE Norwegian is the best water resistant and durable in all boots construction,

ZZREE Hand Sewing Welt: sew upper, welt, midsole and outsole directly, compare to Goodyear welt, our hand sewing is more tough, water resistant and snow resistant.

Goodyear Machine Welt: human operate machine sewing, a cloth or an extra leather must be stick by glue between welt, filler and upper, boot will be broken if cloth wearable or water.



ZZREE Filler: top grade cork taps made in British, it will fit your feet shape after several wearing, breath very well. Compare cork granule, ZZREE cork taps kept your feet and boots a right position and not be distorted. And our cork taps is light weight than leather filler.

Leather Filler: Wesco, White’s Boots, Nicks Boots

It give you a tough hard feeling and heavy weight, not for a long time walking and wear. It can not fit your feet shape. But we can do leather filler if client request.

Cork Granule Filler: Red Wing

Breath well, light weight same as ZZREE cork taps filler, but it can not be anti distort as ZZREE filler and leather filler.



Italy Cowhide, our marked design, slight roughout leather on the front insole, your feet will hold position and control boots easily on walking. A soft relaxflex layer. an integrated active carbon odor absorber prevents foot odor effectively.



This midsole leather of Consorzio Vera Pelle Italy Tuscany, stuffed tough, durable and flexible with tallow for exceptional weather wear, thickness, keep your boots steady on walking, absorb moisture to keep feet comfortable.
This leather is proudly imported from the world's most influential Italian leather association CONSORZIO VERA PELLE in Tuscany, where the best vegetable tanned leather could be made under the Mediterranean climate. Only the top 22 tanneries are qualified to meet the high standard & issue the individual serial number certificate card that provided with each of our products inside the package.


Vibram sole was designed to provide excellent traction on the widest range of surfaces, have a high degree of abrasion resistance, and was made using the latest vulcanized rubber of the time.

Vibram Outsole Front

Vibram Outsole Heels


Eyes & Hooks
Speed lacing hooks is used to take off boots easily and fast.



Heavy duty laces built for rugged performance.


Waxed Hand Sewing Thread

Waxing makes regular thread stiffer and anticorrosive, more water and mildew resistant, and less stretchy.


Please contact us before you buy handmade and customized products, this boots need be booked in advance and delivery time will be about 45-60 days.

Build your unique boots, carving pattern leather according to client's idea and pictures, please contact us info@zzree.com

Please note custom handmade product can not be returned except quality issue.

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