What are difference? ZZREE, White's Boots, WESCO, Viberg, Nicks, Red Wing

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ZZREE Norwegian hand sewing welt: sew upper, welt, midsole and outsole directly, it is super tough, water resistant and snow resistant than Goodyear Welt and Stitch Down. ZZREE Norwegian Welt can not be made by machine, never wear out. Outsole resole forever. 

ZZREE hand sewing: sew upper, welt, midsole and outsole directly, compare to Goodyear welt, our hand sewing is more tough water resistant and snow resistant.

ZZREE Filler are cork taps, it will fit your feet shape after several wearing, breath very well compare to cork granule, and ours hold a position and not be distorted. Compare to stitch down leather filler, ours are light weight, breath well and good feel walking.

ZZREE hand sewing welt are all leather, no cloth;

White’s Boots, WESCO, Viberg, Nicks Stitch Down Machine Sewing Construction is water resistant and snow resistant.Outsole resole.
Filler are leather, not breath well as ZZREE cork taps, so heavy weight than ZZREE

Red Wing Goodyear: Human operate machine sewing, a cloth or an extra leather must be stick by glue between welt, filler and upper, boot will be broken if cloth wearable or water.


ZZREE Norwegian Hand Sewing

 ZZREE cork taps filler, made from British.


White's Boots Machine Sewing


White's Boots stitch down construction and leather filler, so heavy weight.


WESCO Machine Sewing


Viberg Machine Sewing

Viberg Welt and Cloth


Nicks Handmade Boots Machine Sewing

Nicks Handmade Boots stitch down construction and leather filler, so heavy weight.


Red Wing Shoes Machine Sewing

Red Wing Shoes cork granule, cloth.

Red Wing Shoes Cut off, no lining, no midsole


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